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There is no one-size fits all approach to lead generation, but this fact remains constant: Your website needs to be your best lead generation source! What works well for a dermatology clinic may not work well for a cardiology practice. Lead generation becomes effective the moment your target audience first hears about your practice if you want to have a robust lead-conversion strategy. Your lead-generation strategies must aim higher if you want to make a lasting impact on your target audience. Most potential patients today are doing their research online, comparing services of various healthcare providers. Your goal should be to continually create content that gives these prospects the information they need to make their final decision. You want to be able to communicate with these potential patients with highly personalized content.

Lead generationDoctors need to think outside the box in order to generate strong inbound leads. Inbound lead generation encourages potential clients to inquire with your business on their own using a softer approach, welcoming them in with an inviting website, helpful content, social media, blogs and more.. An almost entirely digital approach, inbound lead generation places a trail of information about your brand and product on particular platforms. Outbound lead generation takes your brand to prospects through phone calls, emailing lists, direct mail and more. Leads are generated through targeted outreach and impactful advertising.

One of the most effective venues for lead generation is email marketing. Email marketing allows doctors to build strong relationships with their patients before they become prospects. When properly paired with SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing can be extremely successful. Many medical marketing agencies use email marketing and SEO techniques to create leads. An example of combining lead generation with SEO is when doctors create and send out a newsletter, which in turn equals increased lead generation and more business.
Doctors also must take steps to ensure that their e-newsletters contain compelling content that will generate interest and that readers feel compelled and want to sign up for more.

SEO is a powerful tool for leads and is an effective way to help medical practices drive traffic to their sites. These visitors are directed to websites that offer medical services, products and information that is relevant to what they are searching for. Once prospects visit these websites, it is essential that these pages be informative, interesting and captivate the audience. If the website isn’t visually appealing, visitors won’t stay on the page, and they may give up and look elsewhere at a competitor’s website for a service or product. Many doctors find that investing in quality search engine optimization tools and keyword research can increase the return on marketing dollars spent.

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Social media can also be beneficial with lead generation. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be valuable tools for medical marketing, through the use of special offers, polls & surveys, discount codes and more.. When using these sites to promote lead generation services, it is crucial to target your audience with relevant content and offers and then convert them into paying customers. A social media page can be a great place for physicians offering pain management, or if you are offering a new procedure, a dedicated blog or website can engage your target audience.

These venues are highly efficient for marketing in the medical industry. At Practice Bytes, we work with you to come up with a highly-effective lead generation strategy designed specifically for your medical practice to reach potential patients, engage your audience with highly-personalized content and convert them into patients. Landing pages, social media networks, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing campaigns and more. Generating high-quality leads is an integral step toward growing your medical practice. Our entire team of experts can help you earn the trust of potential patients!

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