Healthcare Practice Management Software

Our proprietary software was built by doctors for doctors to integrate all of your marketing leads and patients in one place. Our software offers a full visual combination of reports and stats, so you can track every single dollar spent on digital marketing.

Medical Management Software

All-in-one System

The Practice Bytes software goes beyond just marketing. It integrates beautifully with your website, allowing your new and existing patients to view available times for appointments that can be conducted in person or through our built-in video call system.

Perfect Integration

With dozens of add-ons such as appointments, billing, marketing leads, patient files & medical records, and so much more, the Practice Bytes software is one of the most complete programs that you can have to run your entire office.

Organize leads, convert patients, manage appointments, send out e-mail and SMS reminders and more!


Always Up To Date

Proprietary software enabling you to manage all of your marketing assets in one place. Receive leads, follow up with potential patients, track campaign progress, analyze results, receive live analytics and more.

Featured Packed

Leads: Receive all your leads in 1 place! SEO, PPC, Social media pages, Organic leads and more.

Monitoring: Monitor your marketing progress, traffic, leads, conversions and patient requests. All in real-time.

Bookings: Let your new and existing patients book appointments right from your website. You tell the system the available times and let the software do the rest!

Video Calls: Face-to-face sessions. Our software books video call appointments, sends out reminders, manages billing and more. 100% secured and HIPAA compliant.

In-person Visits: Clinic care or in-home visits. It was never this easy to book a consultation!

Practice Bytes Case Studies

All The Tools You Need

All the tools you need in one place. To ensure your healthcare business is successful, you need a clear and detailed plan from the very outset to keep things moving on schedule. At Practice Bytes, our integrated all-in-one management softwares enables you to increase work efficiency and bring in more revenue.

With an online booking system, telehealth sessions, advanced analytics tools and more, our platform provides you with everything to deliver an exceptional patient experience in all aspects of your business.

Real Time Monitoring

At Practice Bytes we are keenly aware of every detail necessary to build a website and marketing campaigns that are fully optimized and achieve higher speed and reliability. We work with Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean and Cloudflare to improve website load time and performance which in turn will increase your Google ranking and make certain your patient experience is second to none.

Once the site is up and running, our proprietary software will allow you to receive Google Analytic Reports and data on a weekly and monthly basis, expenses, click conversions and more just by logging in to your personalized account.

Our team is focused on producing high-quality leads that convert to patients. Practice Bytes has created a system designed to engage the customer, efficiently inform, and evoke action. We know that your top priority is taking care of patients and we are a partner in making certain that your focus remains on them. Our focus is to help you reach the largest, most relevant audience with proven tracking and customized optimization strategies based on your goals. We provide an all-in-one solution along with a professional account manager, and dedicated customer support available 24/7.

We believe strong communication is key to a successful relationship so our system allows you to closely monitor the progress of the entire web design process and marketing campaigns. 

A dedicated project manager will monitor every aspect of your project, providing updates and allowing for feedback throughout the process to ensure you are satisfied with the end result.

Generate More Leads, Book More Patients. Own Your Market!

Innovative marketing strategies and aggressive tier-1 SEO techniques combined with an intuitive lead generation and management software means rapid growth. Our formula for success is simple. Combine medical marketing experts with top developers to create powerful customized websites focused on lead generation and patient acquisition. Our goal is not to help you compete in your market, our goal is to help you own your market.

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We are not a “factory” model web design and SEO company. We are a boutique firm providing our clients with the highest level of service in the industry. This means an expert account director and team of developers available 24/7 to assist in the creation, implementation and management of each and every project. At all times our team is only a phone call away.

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We are a boutique firm that services clients in all areas of the healthcare industry from plastic surgery, orthopedics, general medicine, and urgent care centers to corporate clients such as medical centers and medical device companies.