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telemedicine softwareTelemedicine Software is a revolution in medical care. It is changing the way we view healthcare and has brought about tremendous convenience in medical professionals’ lives, in addition to reducing medical costs. Telemedicine is expanding its reach in all areas of medicine as technology improves at an alarming rate. This approach is becoming a more and more important part of the American healthcare infrastructure. Fueled by digital technologies, it allows us to reimagine the physician visit as a ‘house-call’ without the travel. Telemedicine is available for both in-clinic as well as out-of-clinic consultations. Telemedicine does not replace face-to-face consultation when it is needed but instead complements it. It is considered to be very valuable in the follow-up of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, depression, asthma, arthritis, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. In these individuals who are not experiencing any immediate medical issues, but require help with dosage adjustments, lifestyle regimens, prescription refills, or even just access to group support, they can benefit from the convenience of telemedicine.

In addition, patients save money on gas, parking and public transportation. No need to worry about running into traffic on your way to your doctor’s appointment, and even more you don’t have to worry about the possibility of running late on your way back to work. These types of visits also eliminate the need for you as a patient to take time off from work or for you to arrange a babysitter if you have young children or if you are a full-time caregiver for an elderly family member. Finding alternative care so that you can make an appointment to see your doctor in person can be quite difficult and expensive. The idea of bringing them along with you to these appointments can be stressful or unrealistic. Fortunately, telemedicine solves this challenge by allowing you to see your doctor while upholding your family responsibilities.

Telemedicine is possible thanks to the internet. Doctors can communicate with patients and run virtual clinics from the privacy of their homes in ‘real-time’, using smartphones, tablets, and computers. This technology practice allows patients to avoid having to travel to the doctor’s office or lose time calling to check if they are in a position to see them. This has drastically cut down on patient travel time, while reducing costs drastically. Telemedicine software allows patients to schedule consultations and appointments with their doctor online. It has greatly streamlined the medical process, and increased patient satisfaction. Specialty care providers are a crucial part of the healthcare system, and many are turning to telemedicine as a way to safely treat and monitor patients. Patients who are in need of the care of a ‘specialist’, often will be required to drive long distances and take quite a bit of time out of their day which can be a major inconvenience. Telemedicine allows you to work together with your physician to schedule an appointment with a specialist no matter how far they are from where you live.

Some doctors and medical specialists prefer telemedicine software exclusively, while others use both types of technologies in conjunction. This gives doctors the ability to schedule appointments and consultations using medical software that is compatible with telemedicine.

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No longer do patients have to wait for in-clinic visits. Patients can now book online appointments or submit appointment requests, just like they could on an in-clinic appointment. In addition, many telemedicine software packages include software for patient education. This information teaches patients everything they need to know about medical equipment, devices, and procedures, giving patients confidence in their abilities to use modern technology and gives them access to information they need. It is important to keep these tools up to date in order to make sure that medical offices and hospitals are using the latest features and that patient information is accurate. Many doctors and hospitals are beginning to use telemedicine software more and more as a way to provide better care to their patients, expand their market and build more efficient, profitable practices.

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